All architecture is collaborative.  Even sole practitioners collaborate with their clients.  I have had the good fortune to work with some very talented architects and contractors on some amazing projects over the years.  They all had a big impact on my design philosophy.  Here is a small sample of my favorites.


The Rookery – McClier Corporation

This is a stunning restoration of a Chicago and National Landmark.  I had the good fortune to work under the supervision of an amazing preservationist architect T. Gunny Harboe.

Originally designed by John Root of Burnham and Root, it was later renovated by Frank Lloyd Wright.  Then it fell into disrepair and was cut up into different low quality office spaces.  Restoration work is ego-less.  If done well, there should be little evidence of the architect’s hand in the project.  Both of these architects are personal heros so I was very motivated to make sure it was done well.  We were fortunate that enough of the original fabric remained that we were able to make very good approximations where no physical of photographic evidence existed.  Where we had to fill in the gaps architecturally, we were very conscientious that the final product looked as if it had always been there.  All the while we were upgrading the actual building to “Class A” office standards.  It is now a prized address on La Salle Street.


New Soul Metropolitan (Inchon International) Airport – McClier Corporation

I had the privilege to be part of the competition team that brought together McClier, Fentress Bradburn and BAUM architects.  As the result of a grueling month long charrette, we beat the world’s best firms.  This airport continues to win awards for efficiency and passenger satisfaction.


910 Lakeshore Drive Unit 2920 – Richard D. McKay, AIA

This was my very first gut renovation.  It was also our home for four years in Chicago.  Here is where I learned that good design translates into real value.  We sold it in 1999 for an 85% profit.


University of Pennsylvania Bookstore – Antunovich Associates

The goal of this project was to create an exciting space for students to meet that reflected the school’s history and proud traditions.  This was the last project I worked on while living in Chicago.


130 West 30th Street Unit 9C – Richard D. McKay, AIA

This is my current home and office.  The space has good bones so the focus was on improving them.  I concentrated on the interior design elements to bring the space together. 

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